Privacy Notice: NHS 111 COVID-19 Triage


Data Controller

The Barn Surgery

Data Protection Officer

Dr Ian Pidgeon, Partner

NHS 111 COVID-19 Triage Response

Purpose: in order for NHS 111 to triage patient calls with queries regarding Covid-19 during practice closures or times of pressure on the system, enabling the robust process for patients, potentially suffering with covid-19, to be triaged and treated in the most effective and appropriate way.

Legal Basis: The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has issued NHS Digital with a Notice under Control of Patient Information Regulations (COPI). This allows NHS Digital to share patient information with organisations entitled to process this under COPI for COVID-19 purposes. This means that for GP Connect, NHSD are creating a single ‘National Sharing Agreement’ on the Spine that contains all GP practices in England. Patients can opt out of their information being shared with GP Connect by contacting their GP practice and requesting a Type 1 Opt out. Please note that opting out of having information shared may delay or impair the ability for urgent treatment.

Processor: NHS Digital, NHS 111 via GP Connect