Patient Participation Group

Committee Members Wanted

The Barn Surgery Patients Participation Group (PPG) is looking to recruit members to the Committee who are able, together with the Doctors and Practice staff, to encourage:

  • Improved communication between GP’s and patients.
  • Discussion of topics of mutual interest to the practice and the patients.
  • Improvements within the GP practice through the adoption of a change in practice or structure.
  • An increase in patient satisfaction with the service they receive.

The committee meets two or three times a year, normally on a Thursday afternoon, at the Surgery.

There is an annual general meeting once per year, normally at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Ferring, at which a topic dealing with a designated health subject is covered, with specialist speakers.

If you feel that you are able to join the committee and to work on ensuring that the Barn Surgery PPG is relevant to the patients’ requirements then please contact the surgery as we are in the process of installing a new chairperson.

However let us be quite clear that the PPG committee is not a vehicle for individuals to voice personal interests, resolve personal issues or to obtain personal medical service.